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Every course at FAU whether online, face-to-face, video streaming, or hybrid is given a Canvas course site. All instructors have access to their respective course sites in Canvas.

To find your Canvas site, type in URL and log into MyFAU, and your main courses will be located in the center of your dashboard.

To view all of your courses, simply click on Courses in the navigation panel and select All Courses.

A list of all of your courses associated with your account will be displayed. This includes present, past and future courses. As well as a list of any groups you belong to.


If you have taught your course previously using a Canvas shell, you can copy your course from a previous semester into your current semester course by following these simple instructions.

Select the course you would like to copy. In the course navigation menu, select Settings.

Select Copy this Course from the course options on the course status sidebar.

Enter your new course details.

Choose whether you want to copy all of your content or specific content. You can also adjust events and due dates at this time.
When you are ready to create your new course, click on the Create Course button.

You will now see a list of courses being copied. If you have chosen to select specific content in the copy you will be given a link to do so.


Some textbooks have online content that is available to students. This can be anything from chapter study guides, to online resources for extra information. (Can be free or at a cost)

Check with your book publisher’s website to see the available online content for the book. For instance, a textbook published by “Pearson” may have available content by searching the textbook’s name on the search engine located at “”.


You can easily make your course available by following the directions below.

Select the course you would like to make available.

Click on the Publish button under the Course Status section on the right-hand side of your screen.

You will see a confirmation message for your update.

If you would like to unpublish a course you can do so by choosing the Unpublish button.


Canvas allows you to switch from instructor view into Student View. This gives the opportunity to ensure module elements and course areas are working just the way you intended. To view your course in student view follow the directions below.

Enter the Settings of the course you would like to view.


Click on the Student View button on the Course Status sidebar.


You will now view your course as a student. The purple bar at the bottom of the screen notifies you that you are in student view. You will also see an option to reset the student if you would like to clear any actions you have taken as a student. As well as a Leave Student View button when you are ready to return to the course as an instructor.


FAU Course Template Tour


Course Template Tour

Adding Availability Dates & Due Dates

1. When editing a Discussion, Assignment or Quiz, scroll down to find the Assign option. This allows you to set a range of when it will be available to students.

2. Click under due to set a specific date for when the assignment is due.

Syllabus Quiz

A syllabus quiz is included in the template and allows you to verify students read through the syllabus. You can edit the quiz in a few easy steps.

#1 Select Modules from the Course Navigation panel. You will see the Syllabus Quiz listed under the Start Here Module.  Click on Syllabus Quiz.

#2 You will now see the current settings for the Syllabus Quiz. Click on the Edit button to make your adjustments.

#3 On the Details page of the Syllabus Quiz are your settings for which you can change. To see the quiz itself, click on the Questions tab.

#4 The Syllabus Quiz questions will be listed in the order they appear, to view the possible answers and the correct answer, click on Show Question Details. [1] To edit or delete a particular question, click on the Edit or Delete icons for that question. [2]

#5  To create a new question for the Syllabus Quiz, scroll to the bottom and click on New Question. Always remember to click Save or Save & Publish when you are done.

#6 Start your new question by titling the question itself and the type of question you would like to create. [1] Enter your question followed by the correct answer and possible answers. [2] Click on the Update Question button to save your question into the quiz. Click on Save at the bottom of your quiz to save all your changes.


Students being able to interact among one another within a group is essential to the learning process and gives students the feel of a traditional in-person course.

To start a new discussion, click on Discussions in the course navigation panel.

Now click on the +Discussion button.

Insert your discussion title and body. You can also insert links, files, and images from the content selector on the right side. As well as adding attachments and further discussion options below the body of your discussion.


How do I …

Create and use rubrics?

A rubric is a scoring tool that lists the criteria for a piece of work. Rubrics can help students know what is expected of them and it helps them know how their work will be evaluated. Rubrics specify the level of performance expected for various levels of quality. These levels can be listed as numeric values (1, 2, 3 and 4) or ratings (Excellent, Good and Needs Improvement). They are then added up to form a total score which would then be associated with a grade.

To Create a Rubric:

  1. Click on Outcomes in the course navigation panel.

  1. Select the three dots to open the Rubrics menu and select Manage Rubrics.

  1. Select Add Rubric.

  1. Insert your title, descriptions and point values.

  1. Click Create Rubric to make your rubric.

Read more information on creating, setting up and editing rubrics.

You can search the Canvas guides for answers, call the support hotline, chat with Canvas support or open a ticket with the FAU Help Desk.

If you need help with your online course, the Center for eLearning has Open Lab for all faculty every Monday and Friday.

CeL Open Lab Hours

Boca Raton: IS 208, Mon and Fri 8-5pm

Broward: LA 203, Mon and Fri 8-5pm

Jupiter: SR 250, Mon and Fri 8-5pm

Request a virtual consultation

FAU has also purchased Tier 1 Support for Canvas, offering Canvas support 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.

You can reach Canvas support directly from Canvas. Simply click on Help in the Navigation panel.


Students being able to interact among one another within a group is essential to the learning process and gives students the feel of a traditional in-person course. This can be achieved with the use of groups.

Instructors can create groups of students so that they may work together on various assignments. Students may also create their own groups if permitted by the instructor.

How to create groups:
1. Click on People from the Course Navigation panel.

2. Click on the +Group Set button to make a set of groups.

3. Enter a name for your Group Set, allow students to create their own groups or automatically break them up into groups. You can also manually create your groups. Select the manual groups option.2. Click on the +Group Set button to make a set of groups.

4. Now that you have created a set of groups, it’s time to make the individual groups themselves. Select the +Group button to make your first group.

5. Enter the group name and how many students you would like to limit to the group. Click Save to create your group.

6. You will now see your first group listed. You can view who is in the group by expanding the list. You can also edit or delete the group by clicking on the settings icon.

Watch a Creation & Management video for Groups.


Canvas allows instructors to track and distribute student grades easily with Gradebook. View all student grades at once or individually. To get started using Gradebook follow these directions.

Select Grades from the Course Navigation panel.

The gradebook displays your current term, the students, and their assignments.

By default, Gradebook displays all your students. If you’d like to switch to individual view you can do so by clicking the Individual View button.

To view individual grades, click on the name of the student.

Assignments, quizzes, and discussions are each listed as columns for each student. You can view grades as well as content submitted and the status of each assignment.

More information on the various settings and features of Gradebook.

Read a how-to guide on submitting grades using FAU’s Banner grade submission tool, eGrades.


There are many amazing features in Canvas. Here are some resources to get you started and get you on your way to achieving student success.



There are many more Canvas resources available to you from both Canvas Commons and FAU OIT. These guides include videos and downloadable PDFs for easy reference.

You can request a Canvas training course from FAU OIT:


Where: Building 4, Room 208 (across from Chick-fil-A)

When: Open Lab every Friday between 8am-12noon, and 1pm-5pm (no appointment necessary)

What: Ask our instructional design team for help with your online course

Alternative: Make an appointment to come in for help with your online course email: