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By accepting grant funding for adaptation, you are entering into a goodwill agreement to keep your eText an open educational resource and available cost free, at least, to the Florida higher education system. The goal of this grant is to reduce or eliminate textbook costs to students.

To qualify for an adaptation grant, you must create 40% to 50% of the original course content. The remainder of the content (including media and original text) should be remixed, revised, or taken from existing sources. Remixing is defined as reusing, adjusting, and combining existing content to create something new within the parameters of copyright law. You may create media or use related media from existing sources.

All references, quotations and third-party media content need to be properly cited. All original content you create will be attributed directly to you under Creative Commons licensing. Adaptations should also include an attribution of the original author for reused content or media where applicable.

The final product is an eText (PDF), which is hosted as an open educational resource in the Canvas Commons and shareable to the Florida higher education system. This allows all educators of the Florida higher education system to access and/or download for teaching and research.

When you create your eText, you are designing and developing a resource that will exist independently of any course. Any media or content (videos, assessments, etc.) incorporated into the eText automatically becomes part of the open educational resource. If you use the eText in one of the courses you teach, it will supplement course content. Any course media that exists outside of the eText will not be an open educational resource and therefore not part of your ACT grant project.

Adaptation grants up to $1500 per project.

Any adoptions for existing materials must follow Fair Use as described in the TEACH Act and, where appropriate, include proper attribution and citations.

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