Center of eLearning presented the eLearning Excellence awards this Saturday at the Technology Showcase in Boca Raton Florida at Florida Atlantic University. This year several very talented faculty members were nominated making the selection of the award winners a challenging task. Members of the advisory board served on the award committee. Thank you to the reviewers and all of the faculty who are teaching online specifically those who were recognized by their colleagues as a leader in distance learning pedagogy.

This year’s winners are:

Leadership: Dr. Charles Roberts

Faculty member: Dr. Michelle Vaughan

Adjunct faculty member: Dr. Nancy Shehadeh

The 2025 Online Plan Implementation Committee currently has a workgroup which is developing a statewide award system to create a culture of excellence in distance education. Our award winners will be the first nominations to these awards as the applications become available.

Congratulations to the FAU eFaculty winners!


Vaughan Award_sm

Roberts Award_sm