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About Victoria Brown

Dr. Victoria Brown is the Assistant Provost for eLearning. She is responsible for the administration of the University’s new Center for eLearning. In this capacity, Dr. Brown collaborates with FAU’s 10 colleges, as well as its schools, departments and faculty to facilitate new eLearning courses and programs, and enhance existing courses. Learn more about Dr. Brown.

Online Education 2025 Strategic Plan SUS Board of Governors: Part 3 of 3 Affordability

The Affordability Committee examined how to create distance learning courses and provide support services for the distance learning students in the most cost efficient way across the entire SUS.  The committee focused on four key areas to reduce costs of online education: (1) using shared services, (2) promoting shared educational content, (3) implementing instructional innovations [...]

Online Education 2025 Strategic Plan SUS Board of Governors: Part 2 of 3 Access

The second part of the iron triangle used to build the Online Education 2025 Strategic plan was access. For this part of the plan, the Committee pulled actual online enrollment numbers for distance learning classes and the numbers of projected enrollment from the Universities workplans to develop an aggressive growth model for distance education in [...]

Online Education 2025 Strategic Plan SUS Board of Governors: Part 1 of 3 Quality

The SUS Board of Governors charged the Innovation and Online Committee to explore initiatives that would result in system-wide cost efficiencies and effectiveness for university programs and services to meet workforce needs through online education. The Committee was also to guide the future development of online. To meet this charge, the Committee including Presidents, Provosts, [...]

Excellence in eLearning Awards Submission Deadline Dates Approaching

FAU has a tradition of embedding quality within the courses developed in both face-to-face and online courses. Our faculty have always been innovators in both their research and teaching. Now is a great time to recognize the online faculty’s contributions to distance learning. In celebration of our faculty and administrators dedicated to excellence, innovation, and [...]

Improved Communication and Better Workflow in New LMS Interfaces

As we begin to evaluate the different LMS options, take a few moments to observe some of the ways faculty can communicate with students. The communication processes within both systems gather the information across all classes. The information is fed to them in a similar way to how Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest allow users to [...]

FAU Launches a Statewide Community of Practice

FAU is partnering with Florida Distance Learning Association to offer a statewide community of practice. Through this initiative, FAU will be able to join with faculty from other colleges and universities once a month to share best practices in distance learning. The first session was on accessibility and what that means in a distance learning [...]

Canvas Instructure Visit

The Canvas Instructure team also visited the campus this week. Their approach was to teach us their product. The team wanted to share with the OIT team, CeL team, and the LMS committee the clean elegant design of Canvas. If you have already requested a sandbox, the team can certainly guide you through many of [...]

Blackboard Ultra Visit

The first round of visits to FAU by the two different LMS companies began today. Blackboard team was here on Tuesday to share their product with the instructional designers, technology team and the LMS evaluation committee. The purpose is to give these groups an in-depth look at the product so those groups can answer questions [...]

Preparing to Evaluate the LMS Systems: Tips for Faculty

Evaluating Learning Management Systems (LMS) for the entire university is a difficult one. Particularly here at FAU. So many of the faculty at FAU are innovative leaders in the field of distance learning. The LMS products have many different features which may or may not be used to teach or manage a class. The use [...]

The LMS Evaluation Process at FAU

The LMS Evaluation Committee has put in many hours to prepare for the evaluation of the LMS here at FAU. The process for the evaluation was carefully designed to encourage feedback from faculty and students. As a result we will have several steps in this process. This week, both Blackboard Ultra and Canvas Instucture will [...]