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Dr. Victoria Brown

Assistant Provost for eLearning

Dr. Victoria Brown - Assistant Provost for eLearning

Dr. Victoria Brown is the Assistant Provost for eLearning. She is responsible for the administration of the University’s new Center for eLearning. In this capacity, Dr. Brown collaborates with FAU’s 10 colleges, as well as its schools, departments, and faculty to facilitate new eLearning courses and programs, and enhance existing courses. She also oversees instructional technology, including training, supporting, and assisting faculty and staff who utilize eLearning, as well as managing the day-to-day operations of the new center. Dr. Brown also works directly with the Provost to implement FAU’s academic and technological strategic vision.

Dr. Brown comes from the College of Education the Department of Teaching and Learning here at FAU. She taught instructional technology for educators and business trainers for ten years. She has previously managed instructional design teams and possesses more than a decade of experience teaching through online delivery systems. Prior to coming to FAU in 2005, Dr. Brown held the position of Assistant Professor at Barry University. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Central Missouri State University and her doctorate from the University of West Florida.

Dr. Brown’s email address is vbrown22@fau.edu

Dr. Brown’s Blog

Congratulations to the College of Nursing!

The rankings are in for the Best Online Master’s Program from the US News and World Reports. Florida Atlantic University ranked 43rd tied with Florida State University in the United States. That ranking is the highest of any College of Nursing in the state of Florida. The rankings are based on peer assessments, faculty credentials and training, student services and technology, student engagement, and admissions selectivity. FAU’s Nursing program ranked especially high on faculty credentials and training.  In a message out to the Nursing Faculty staff, the Provost Gary Perry, and President John Kelly, Dean Marlaine Smith thanked the Center [...]

Center for eLearning Getting Onboard with Healthy Owls Challenge

Calling on online FAU Owls to participate in the FAU healthy campus challenge! Take part in a 3-part social media healthy challenge. Post a picture of yourself eating healthy fruits and vegetables. The post another picture on the move. Finally, a picture of yourself enjoying a post-final, restful activity to #HEALTHYOWLSCHALLENGE. Every participant gets a prize T-shirt! For more information, go to http://www.fau.edu/healthycampus/healthyowlschallenge/index.php

Online Education Supports Improved Time to Graduation Rates

As the debate about distance education fee continues, leaders in the field are beginning to explore additional questions around the value of online courses within our distance education programs. At the same time, post-secondary institutions are pressured to ensure students are graduating in four years. This has led to the following question: Do online courses support graduation rates? To address this question, several Florida universities pulled data to explore the impact of online courses upon graduation rates for FTIC freshman. For the 2014/15 cohort, University of Central Florida discovered the higher the percentage of online courses taken, the less time [...]

What is the Cost of Development and Delivery of Online Courses?

The Affordability Workgroup of the SUS 2025 Online Education Strategic Plan Implementation Committee was charged by the Steering Committee to determine the cost of distance learning. The charge was a direct result of the Florida Legislature capping the distance learning fee at $30. To arrive at the cost was an interesting journey for everyone involved. How can a cost model be built for distance learning when the cost for face-to-face courses is difficult to determine? Could the model account for the variability of the different delivery models be used across the system? On Monday, October 18th, the Implementation Committee with [...]

HonorLock Showcases New Integrity Software at FDLA

At the Florida Distance Learning Association, HonorLock presented a new integrity software product to a very receptive audience.  HonorLock was founded by two FAU alumni as a solution for challenges faculty faced in protecting the academic integrity of their online classes. Their ingenious idea won TechRunway at FAU. With the support of TechRunway mentors, the cloud-based integrity solution is gaining attention. Their product is scalable, data-driven at the same time non-invasive, a great combination.   The goal of the product is to reduce cheating whenever possible. If the student is not deterred, they will be identified. Live dashboards allow instructors [...]