FAU Excellence in eLearning Awards – Criteria


Nomination Rules:

  • FAU faculty and administrators may self-nominate, or nominate other FAU faculty
  • FAU Center for eLearning staff may not nominate or provide any service that might give
    unfair advantage to any nominee. We love all of our eFaculty, so we remain impartial
    throughout this process.
  • Nominees may only participate in one category per year.
  • Previous eLearning Award winners may participate in a new category each year.

2019 Excellence in eLearning Nomination Badge2019 Excellence in eLearning Nomination / Application process:

  1. Nominate a colleague or yourself via online form.
  2. FAU Center for eLearning will invite each nominee into a Canvas course, designed for the relevant
    award category.
  3. Nominees will submit all items via “Assignment” pages in the Canvas course. Instructions, guidelines for success, Help resources, and rubrics are attached to each “Assignment” page.
  • The Badgr LTI in Canvas will automatically issue a 2019 FAU
    Excellence in eLearning Awards Nominee digital badge to each
    participant when all items have been submitted via the Canvas
  • All items for nomination applications must be submitted via the
    appropriate Canvas “assignment” pages by Friday, March 1,
    2019, 11:59 pm Boca Raton, FL time. The Canvas Assignment
    pages will close automatically at that time. No submissions will be
    possible after the stated due date.

Selection Process:

  • 2019 FAU Excellence in eLearning Awards Committee members will evaluate the items submitted in each category.
  • Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the Committee Members will select winners by Monday, April 15, 2019.
  • The Center for eLearning will share the results with winners and nominees via email as soon as possible, once the decision is made.
  • Winners will receive certificates and take promotional photos/videos at the Center for eLearning, Boca Raton, during the week of April 15 – April 19.

Committee Members

  • Highly qualified members of the Florida Higher Education eLearning Community of Practice
  • Committee members may not include:
    • Employees of the FAU Center for eLearning
    • Anyone who writes a Letter of Support for a nominee may not participate in the applicable category.
    • A current nominee may not participate in the applicable category as a committee member.

Getting Help:

For clarification or assistance, please contact the 2019 eLearning Awards Coordinator, Kathy McPherson kmcpher1@fau.edu.