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The FAU Learning Management System (LMS) Evaluation Committee with assistance of faculty, students, technology support, SAS office, and TASL gathered information about Canvas and Blackboard 9.1 and Blackboard Ultra. The Committee did a careful analysis of all the data gathered. That analysis contributed to a recommendation to the Provost to adopt of Canvas as the best LMS for FAU. Today, in Faculty Senate, Provost Gary Perry announced support of that recommendation.

With the adoption of Canvas as our Learning Management System, FAU is positioning itself to take advantage of the latest learning management technology to build relationships with students and to use data to support student success in ways not possible before. As we begin to adopt Canvas, we will be able to communicate just-in-time-information about classes through a Canvas app which students will have on their smartphones and tablets. With the adoption of Canvas, faculty will have access to tools to engage students and create learning experiences which allow students to form rich relationships with their fellow classmates. The data that will be available to the faculty and advisors will provide tools which will improve student success by allowing for better communication, feedback mechanisms, and engagement pattern analysis.

Both the OIT and the Center for eLearning are beginning the planning process to launch Canvas. Stay tuned through the summer for details. We will be looking for FAU learning innovators to lead the way!