At the Florida Distance Learning Association, HonorLock presented a new integrity software product to a very receptive audience.  HonorLock was founded by two FAU alumni as a solution for challenges faculty faced in protecting the academic integrity of their online classes. Their ingenious idea won TechRunway at FAU. With the support of TechRunway mentors, the cloud-based integrity solution is gaining attention. Their product is scalable, data-driven at the same time non-invasive, a great combination.

The goal of the product is to reduce cheating whenever possible. If the student is not deterred, they will be identified. Live dashboards allow instructors to monitor tests in real time. The evidence is quickly accessible and usable for due process. The processes were demonstrated live to the awe of the audience.

To learn more about HonorLock go to . Stay tuned. The HonorLock team will be demonstrating their product at the Center soon.