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New Continuing Education proposal form

New Continuing Education proposal form. A new proposal form and approval process is now in place for all Continuing Education offerings. Please utilize this electronic form to submit all proposals. Please keep in mind that paper forms will no longer be accepted. The electronic form will automatically send for approval from the following parties:  Department [...]

Annual FAU Excellence in eLearning Awards

This event celebrates the outstanding Florida Atlantic University faculty and administrators dedicated to innovation, student success, and faculty development in online education. The FAU Excellence in eLearning Awards have raised awareness of the FAU eLearning Community of Practice since 2016. Nominate yourself or a colleague today. The deadline for nominations is Tuesday, February 4, [...]

CHM 2045 & L General Chemistry Fully Online Courses

Dr. Tito Sempertegui and Dr. Ozlem Yavuz-Petrowski of the FAU Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, have completed the design process of their fully online General Chemistry course CHM2045&L aimed to support non-science majors. In a collaborative effort with the FAU Center for Online and Continuing Education and the FAU Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, this [...]

Faculty stipends for online course updates

This semester the Center for eLearning (CeL) is rolling out a new service for online faculty. CeL is offering incentives for updating online courses that are 3+ years old. The CeL Course Design Update process follows nationally recognized standards for high quality in online course design and delivery. A course design update includes: Recording new [...]

Technology in STEM Symposium

The Center for eLearning is offering funding for a limited number of presenters to attend the STEMPowered Symposium. Contact for more information. Join us this fall and present your experience in delivering an undergraduate STEM course that amplified learning through your use of digital tools, resources or fully digital design and delivery. This [...]

2018 FAU Excellence in eLearning Award Winners

In a ceremony held at the 2018 FAU Teaching with Technology Showcase, Assistant Provost for eLearning, Dr. Victoria Brown announced the winners of the 2018 FAU Excellence in eLearning Awards: Distinguished Achievement Award for significant contributions to Leadership in eLearning at FAU: Dr. Mary Kay Boyd Excellence in eLearning Adjunct Faculty Award: Todd Price Excellence [...]

Lunch and Learn – Florida’s Distance Learning Plan

Dear Colleagues, 40% of courses across the Florida State System online by 2025? How will this be accomplished? Bring your own lunch for a discussion about Florida’s Distance Learning Plan. Dr. Victoria Brown will share the emerging ideas coming from the various state level workgroups and committees. Imagine the work that is occurring across the [...]

Respondus Instructor Training Webinars

Now is the perfect time to prep for your summer courses. Join a training webinar to learn how to easily prevent cheating during online exams with LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor. Or, see how to quickly create online exams in Respondus 4 with publisher test banks, using the Respondus Test Bank Network. Register today at [...]

How CEL Can Help With Your Course Development

FAU’s Center for eLearning has raised the standard of Online Courses. Our group of experienced Instructional Designers will help and guide you through the process of entering the online environment. You’re not in this alone, we’re here to accompany you on this journey! Click here for more information Link to eCourse Development Proposal

Excellence in eLearning

We understand the involved process in designing, creating, and implementing a course online. Because of this, The Center for eLearning offers faculty and leadership awards/recognition for excellence, innovation and student success.  These awards range in categories and may include some bonus stipends. For information on the selection process, nominations or requirements, please Click here.