We are excited about the new strategic plan for the Center for eLearning. The plan took some time to develop and with the patience of the advisory board, the plan has taken shape. It includes so many big ideas that are truly going to take the Center for eLearning to the next level just as the original Task Force Report for eLearning did in 2010.

Here are some of the highlights:

  1. A reorganization of the advisory board into several advisory boards to be more focused at the meetings and to include more student involvement.
  2. A model to support the units across campus in providing student services for online students.
  3. A plan to expand innovation through research and grant writing at the Center for eLearning.
  4. A plan to increase open education resources across FAU.
  5. A plan for expanding the professional development for online faculty.
  6. A plan to continue to offer support in the design and development of online courses.
  7. The overall goal is to promote growth in online enrollment over the next few years.

Because of the plan, a couple of small construction projects have been proposed to expand our space. As those plans are finalized, I will share those with you.

Thank you so much to everyone that came together to assist us in the development of this strategic plan. Your involvement gave us the guidance we need to provide the FAU community the resources needed to offer high-quality distance learning degrees and courses.

Download the Final Strategic Plan

Thank you!