Management of distance learning classes is one more item for you to consider as Hurricane Irma impacts Florida in the upcoming week. Canvas will continue to be available throughout the storm because all the information is on emergency backup servers. Please remember that students from out-of-state will be able to continue to access your course and may be wondering what to do. Below are good tips for managing an online class through a hurricane.

  • Be proactive by sending an email before the storm hits to let students know about the plan for assignments due during the next 5-7 days. This will save on the amount of post-storm questions
  • Extend assignment and activity deadlines for an additional 7 days to account for campus closure and power outages
  • Provide a checklist or to-do list of all assignments, readings, and assessments that is up to date and accounts for potential campus closure
  • Create an FAQ or “Hurricane Protocol” general class discussion board in Canvas where you will answer questions for all students to reference. Answering once in the discussion board rather than each email individually will save time and provide a consistent message.
  • Open all course material for the coming week to allow students early access to content they may need to download to read/review
  • Postpone or reschedule all exams (both proctored and non-proctored) to accommodate for campus closure and intermittent power outages

FAU will continue to provide periodic updates. In the meantime, these helpful tips should help to make course delivery relatively seamless in case of emergency.