This spring, I am teaching the Distance Learning Theory and Management course for the Department of Teaching and Learning in the College of Education. This graduate level class is the perfect course for me to teach and I am excited! So much has changed in the field since the last time I taught the course 4 years ago.

  1. Before, when I taught class, I did all the design work myself. Today, I have a team that is assisting me in putting together an awesome class.
  2. The textbook was always a challenge with the books being dated upon release. So, I have put together an OER textbook which will be free to the students. By the way, it is interactive!
  3. I know great experts. Embedded in the course will be 10 to 12 interviews with other distance learning experts that will be sharing their perspectives.
  4. The course covers four sectors: business, non-for profit, K12, and higher education.
  5. In my course, I will model engaging strategies for distance learning.

Do you have a student that would benefit from taking this course? Do you want to take the course? Contact me to ensure enrollment.
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