So much has changed this summer! FAU is welcoming the Provost Bret Danilowicz! He understands the importance of distance learning. Increasing online courses and degrees is one of the five growth areas for FAU!

The Center for eLearning worked over the summer towards offering more services to better serve both the faculty, student support services, and students! Make sure your department and fellow faculty are taking advantage of the support we are offering.

  1. New certification courses
  2. Redesign of courses legacy courses (Built 3 or more years ago should have a refresh!)
  3. Piloting virtual communities of practice (vCoP) for students for 100% online degrees
  4. Affordable Curriculum Today (ACT) grants to support lower textbook costs for students through faculty-created open resources
  5. Student Services Professional Learning Community
  6. Comprehensive student support services for online students
  7. Online course update stipends Course refresh (great for courses that are 3 to 4 years since the original design)
  8. Market analysis – for determining new degree viability

Continue to take advantage of:

  1. eDesign
  2. Online courses with 70+ students receive teaching assistance support, additional support for each additional 30 students
  3. Open Labs for faculty support
  4. Professional Development Community of Practice
  5. Instructional Design Consultations Appointments with an instructional designer

One more new change at the Center is bringing the marketing in-house giving us better control over the marketing of the distance learning program.

Check out our redesigned website to learn more about the activities at the Center!