GIS job opportunities are available in almost every field and Florida Atlantic University offers a 100% online degree program in Geography. GIS is associated with making maps, but GIS specialists do much more than just make maps. GIS careers include responsibilities in fields like computer modeling, programming, surveyor, cartographic design, and database administration, to name a few.
According to, “GIS benefits organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry. There is a growing interest in and awareness of the economic and strategic value of GIS, in part because of more standards-based technology and greater awareness of the benefits demonstrated by GIS users. The number of GIS enterprise solutions and IT strategies that include GIS are growing rapidly.”

Surveying: One of the fastest growing careers in the GIS field is surveying. A surveyor’s typical day involves taking measurements of the earth’s surface to determine exactly where one property line ends and another begins. It can be tough work, but the annual pay floats around $56,000.

Cartographer and Photogrammetrist: Recent research shows that the cartography and photogrammetry field is expected to grow by 20% by  2022. As of May 2012, the median salary for cartographers and photogrammetrists was $57,440.  Professionals in this field are in charge of measuring, mapping, and charting the surface of the earth for many different purposes.

GIS Analyst: A GIS Analyst creates graphic representations of land areas that are used for analysis. Most companies and clients prefer systems that can be used for projects many times and most analysts focus on building software that can routinely produce complex maps and reports.

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