Earning an associate degree is a great accomplishment, so keep going to further your education! Whether you are a full- or part-time student looking for different options, or work and family obligations make it a challenge to take classes on campus, online programs are a perfect solution. Explore the educational possibilities of an online university by considering the eLearning Center at Florida Atlantic University – FAUOnline. In fact, Best Schools has named FAU as one of the ”top ten online schools in Florida.”

FAUOnline Transfer Ad

With fully accredited major and minor programs in a wide array of fields, the opportunities are endless. Once you’ve received your undergraduate degree, there are also online opportunities to pursue graduate diplomas. You’ll find that transferring to the eLearning Center at FAU is easy, courses are flexible and there are many tools available to help you make a seamless transition to online learning.

  1. Easy to Apply. Start your application process at any time. Check out FAUeLearning.com/fauonline to begin your journey. Read up on the different areas of study available completely online. If you have questions or need more assistance, there’s lots of great support available at your fingertips.
  2. Proven Success. FAU’s Center for eLearning instructors also teach classes on campus, and provide the same level of instruction in both their in-person classes as well as online. Many of the eLearning courses also have been certified by Quality Matters, a third-party organization that verifies the quality of online programs.
  3. Lots of Support and Free Tutoring. As a student of the eLearning Center at FAU, you’ll have access to helpful advisors, free tutoring, and opportunities to participate in student organizations and clubs. An online student support portal offers a convenient way to get any assistance you may need.
  4. Save Some Money. Taking online classes at FAU allows you to pay the same in-state tuition as on campus students, and rates are much more affordable than private online schools. You can also save money on commuting while living at home. Financial aid is also available.
  5. Create Your Own Schedule. Do you want to take classes that fit into your work schedule? FAU online classes allow you the convenience of taking your courses on our own timetable.

For more information, visit www.FAUeLearning.com/fauonline, and follow #fauonline on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.