Starting a new online or on-campus class can be overwhelming, especially as a freshman learning the ropes at a new school.  Next to having the right tools to learn, one of the best ways to get the most out of your online class is to get to know your professor. An online class environment is no different than the traditional classroom when it comes to communicating with the professor and fellow classmates, and the benefits are the same as well.

  • Learning a professor’s personality and teaching style will help you understand how to best approach the curriculum.
  • Ask questions and join in discussions often to get yourself noticed and show you are serious about the class material and your own success.
  • The major benefit of engaging with the professor about the material is, of course, boosting your performance and grades on assignments and exams.
  • College professors are typically well-informed about internship opportunities and are your first steps in networking for employment options. Your professor is likely to recommend you for an opportunity if they know your work ethic and personality and would be more likely submit a valuable recommendation on your behalf.

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