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Overview | Curriculum

Appreciative Advising is the intentional collaborative practice of asking positive, open-ended questions that help students optimize their educational experiences and achieve their dreams, goals, and potentials. Certified Appreciative Advisers are committed to a standard of excellence in the field of advising and optimizing their students’ educational experiences.

Certified Appreciative Advisers must demonstrate:

  • Conceptual understanding of the Appreciative Advising framework
  • Specific Appreciative Advising skills and techniques
  • Effective use of Appreciative Advising skills
  • Application of the tenets of Appreciative Advising

Online Curriculum

The Appreciative Advising Online class is a six-week course designed to provide a comprehensive overview of all six phases, as well as specific skills and techniques needed to implement the Appreciative Advising framework in daily practice. The course aims to provide community members with the opportunity to learn the theoretical foundations and practical applications in an engaging and interactive format. The goal of the online class is to provide a foundation of knowledge about Appreciative Advising, in theory and practice that will allow for transformative personal growth and meaningful professional development. To learn more about the Appreciative Advising online course, or to enroll in the course, click on the following link:

Appreciative Advising Online Course

Appreciative Advising Certification
Professionals with one or more years of full time work experience in an educational setting who have completed either the Online Course or the Appreciative Advising Institute can apply for Appreciative Advising Certification. A complete Certified Appreciative Adviser application packet includes:

  • Completed applicant information sheet,
  • Three completed skills rubrics,
  • A letter of recommendation from a supervisor,
  • Current resume or curriculum vitae,
  • Personal Appreciative Advising theory statement,
  • Copy of Appreciative Advising Online course –OR- Appreciative Advising Institute completion certificate
  • Application fee.

To submit the application packet, please click on the following link:

Submit Certification Packet
Degree Details
College: Education
Degree type: Non-credit certification
- Online Course Cost: $495.00
- Certification Cost: $275.00
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