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Computer science is the study of computers, computer software and computational systems including their theory, design, development and application. Principal areas within computer science include Internet and web programming, mobile system development, data mining and machine learning, social networks, video game development, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, database systems, programming languages, software engineering and theory of computing.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science provides students with a quality online education.  Computer science incorporates concepts from mathematics, engineering and psychology. Through this program students will gain knowledge in the following areas:

  • Software design and development, data structures and operating systems
  • Designing and executing solutions to technical problems
  • Effective communication
  • Proficiency in math and scientific principles relevant to computer science
  • Understanding of the human context in which computing activities take place.

Online Curriculum:

Students transferring to Florida Atlantic University should complete both lower-division requirements (including the Intellectual Foundation Program requirements as listed in the Degree Requirements section of the catalog) and the prerequisites for the major (listed below). Lower-division requirements may be completed through the A.A. degree from any Florida public college, university or state college or through equivalent coursework at another regionally accredited institution. Transfer students who have completed all of the requirements of the Intellectual Foundations Program as well as all of the prerequisites for the degree can complete the Computer Science degree fully online.

Students who enter FAU as freshmen and major in Computer Science must meet the University’s Intellectual Foundations Program requirements (as listed in the Degree Requirements section of the catalog), as well as the prerequisites for the major (listed below).  Most of the Intellectual Foundation Program requirements and prerequisites for the major can be met through online courses; however entering freshmen may be required to take some courses that are only available on campus.

Computer Science Prerequisite Courses: 29 credits (all courses may not be available online)
Take all of the following:

Course #  Course Title Credits
MAC 2311 Calculus with Analytic Geometry 1 4
MAC 2312 Calculus with Analytic Geometry 2 4
PHY 2048 General Physics with Calculus I 3
PHY 2048L General Physics with Calculus I Lab 1
PHY 2049 General Physics with Calculus II 3
PHY 2049L General Physics with Calculus II Lab 1
MAD 2104 Discrete Mathematics 3
Math Elective Choose one of the following courses:


MAC 2313 Calculus w/ Analytic Geometry 3
MAD 3400 Numerical methods
MAP 2302 Differential Equations 1
MAP 4260 Queuing Theory
MAS 2103 Matrix Theory
MAP 3305 Engineering Math 1
MAS 4301 Modern Algebra


Core Courses:  43 credits (all of the courses listed below are offered online)

Take all of the following:

Course # Course Title Credits
COP 2220 Introduction to Programming in C
transfer students should consider taking this course before starting at FAU )
COP 3014 Foundations of Computer Science 3
CDA 3201C Introduction to Logic Design 4
COP 3530 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis 3
COP 3813 Intro to Internet Computing 3
CDA 3331C Introduction to Microprocessor Systems 4
STA 4821 Stochastic Models for Computer Science 3
COP 4610 Computer Operating Systems  3
COP 3540 Intro to Database Structures 3
COT 4400 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3
COT 4420 Formal Languages and Automata 3
CEN 4010 Principles of Software Engineering 3
EGN 4950C Engineering Design 1 2
EGN 4952C Engineering Design 2 3

 21 credits

Choose 7 of the following online electives:

Course # Course Title Credits
*COP 4020 Programming Languages 3
*CAP 4630 Intro to Artificial Intelligence 3
CAP 4034 Computer Animation 3
CNT 4104 Introduction to Data Communications 3
COP 4331 Object-Oriented Design and Programming 3
CAP 4401 Digital Image Processing 3
COP 4814 Web Services 3
CNT 4403 Intro to Data and Network Security 3
COP 4854 Cutting Edge Web Technologies 3
COT 4900 Directed Independent Study 1 – 3


*Electives must include at least one of these courses

Special permission is required to count more than 3 credits of directed independent study. Up to 3 computer science elective credits can be earned by taking Cooperative Education – Computer Science (COT 3949), with each one-semester period of COT 3949 contributing 1 credit.

Sample Careers:

  • Software Developer
  • Internet and web programmer
  • Mobile system developer
  • Data mining and machine learning
  • Social networks developer
  • Video game developer
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Database systems developer

Tranferring from Broward College?

Here’s a easy to follow flight plan for the Broward student who plans to transfer to a Florida public university as a junior:

Download the Computer Science – Associate of Arts 1010 PDF

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Degree Details
College College of
Engineering and
Computer Science
Degree type B.S.
*Cost per credit
- In State (FL) $201.29
- Out of State (FL) $719.84
Credits needed to graduate 120 (62 in the major)
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* cost per credit and total cost are calculated using tuition per credit and associated fees for the current academic year. It does not include course materials, textbook expenses, and other potential expenses related to individual courses. See academic calendar for our quarter term schedule.
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