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Cybercrime-related issues especially impact the State of Florida because a significant part of the state’s economic development comes from tourism, international banking and high-tech industries. The number of scientists, engineers and experts needed with special skills in cyber security exceeds the number available. The Cyber Security certificate provides opportunities for graduate students to expand their knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the cyber security field.

CS Track: The Cyber Security certificate with a track in Computer Science will be granted to a student who completes four 3-credit courses as follows: three 3-credit courses from the CS Cyber Security course list and one 3-credit course from either the CS or the Math Cyber Security course list.

CS Track: Open to students who have a B.S. degree in Computer Science or in a related field of science or engineering and a GPA of at least 3.0. Students must satisfy the prerequisites for each course in the program. All four courses must be completed with a GPA of 3.0 or better. All course materials are in English; all international students must demonstrate proficiency in English to enter the program.

Online Curriculum

The Computer Science and Math courses listed below are available online; most of the courses are offered in a “Videotaped” format in which live class lectures are recorded and posted online the same day in a video streaming format. Depending on the course, students may be required to take exams either on campus or at an approved testing center (additional charges may apply for remote testing centers).

Cyber Security Courses by Track

Computer Science Cyber Security Courses
Practical Aspects of Modern Cryptography CIS 5371 3
Computer Data Security CIS 6370 3
Distributed Systems Security CIS 6375 3
Secret Sharing Protocols COT 6427 3
Cyber Security: Measurement and Data Analysis CTS 6319 3
Cryptographic Engineering CDA 5326 3


Math Cyber Security Courses
Introduction to Cryptology and Information Security MAD 5474 3



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Degree Details
College College of Engineering and Computer Science
Degree type Certificate
*Cost per credit
- In State (FL) $369.82
- Out of State (FL) $1,024.81
Credits needed 12
* cost per credit and total cost are calculated using tuition per credit and associated fees for the current academic year. It does not include course materials, textbook expenses, and other potential expenses related to individual courses. See academic calendar for our quarter term schedule.
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