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College of Arts and Letters

Minor in Anthropology:

The minor in Anthropology provides students with a brief overview of the human condition. Anthropologists view humans holistically-biologically, socially, and culturally. The study of anthropology is beneficial to students who consider careers in medicine, law, international relations, social work, education, health, gerontology, the arts, and numerous other careers.

For students majoring in another field, a minor in Anthropology shall consist of a minimum of 15 credits in upper-division anthropology courses, earned in any five courses at the 3000 level or above.  A minimum of 12 credits must be taken in residence at FAU.  A grade of “C” or better is required for a course in anthropology to count toward the minor.

Electives – 15 credits

Choose 5 of the following online courses, or any other 3000/4000 level online Anthropology course:

Course # Course Title Credits
ANT 3241 Anthropology of Religion 3
ANT 3361 Cultures of South Asia 3
ANT 3586 Human Evolution 3
ANT 4302 Gender and Culture  3
ANT 4315 African American Anthropology 3
ANT 4414 Cultural Anthropology 3
ANT 4469 Culture, Gender & Health 3
ANT 4930 Images and Anthropology 3