Project Description

College of Design and Social Inquiry

Minor in Disaster Management:

The Disaster Management minor, available to students from all undergraduate majors at FAU, expands knowledge and skills about the concepts, issues and technologies involved in preparing for and managing the aftermath of a major disaster. Educational outcomes for the minor will integrate material from the unique perspectives of the departments involved into skills such as communication, use of resources, visual planning technologies, cultural competence and preparedness as professionals and as individual, family and community members.

Credits needed: 12

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Online Curriculum

Students must complete 12 credits from the courses listed below. Of the 12 credits, at least 9 credits must be earned at FAU. All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of “C” or better

Core Courses: (12 credits)

Choose 4 of the following courses; all courses are available online:

Course # Course Name 3
ARC 4384 Designing Safer Communities with CPTED 3
URP 4430 Planning for Disasters/Hazards 3
PAD 3820 Introduction to Public Safety Administration 3
PAD 4393 Disaster and Emergency Management 3
FES 3803 Multiagency Incident Command 3
SOW 4679 Social Work and Emergency Relief 3