Project Description

College of Science

Minor in Geoscience:

The Geoscience minor develops a student’s understanding of Earth’s natural processes and the interaction of these processes with related social and political factors.

Students minoring in Geographic Information Science will complete a minimum of 15 credits with a grade of “C” or better in each course. Of the 15 credits, a minimum of 12 must be earned at FAU (effective spring 2011). Note: Courses used to fulfill requirements for a major may not be used for the minor.
Required Core courses – 6 credits

Students must take both of the following courses:

Course # Course Name Credits
GIS 3015C Introduction to Mapping and GIS 3
GIS 4043C Principles of GIS 3

Elective courses – 9 credits
Students must take 3 of the following courses:

Course # Course Name Credits
GEO 4167C Spatial Data Analysis 3
GIS 4035C Remote Sensing of the Environment 3
GIS 4037C Digital Image Analysis 3
GIS 4102C Programming in GIS 3