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College of Science

Minor in Geography:

The minor in Geography allows students to study the earth’s surface and its varied climates, countries, peoples, and natural resources.

Students minoring in Geography will earn a “C” or better in a minimum of 15 credits. Note: Courses used to fulfill requirements for a major may not be used for the minor. Requirements include:
1. GIS 3015C and 12 additional credits in geography
2. Within the 12 credits, a minimum of 6 credits with a GEA or GEO prefix at the 4000 level;
3. The remaining 6 credits from all department course listings with ESC, EVR, MET, GEA or GEO prefixes;
4. Of the 15 credits, a minimum of 12 earned at FAU (effective spring 2011).
Required Core Course – 3 credits
Students must take the following course:

Course # Course Name Credits
GIS 3015C Introduction to Mapping and GIS 3

Restricted Elective Courses  – 6 credits
Students must take at least 2 of the following courses:

Course # Course Name Credits
GEO 4022 Quantitative Methods 3
GEO 4300 Biogeography 3
GEO 4280C Water Resources  3
GEA 4275 Human-Environmental Interactions in South Florida
GEO 4422 American Cultural Landscape 3
GEO 4602 Urban Geography 3
GEA 4275 Human-Environmental Interactions in South Florida 3

Electives Courses – 6 credits
Students have the option to choose two additional courses from the online courses listed below, or any other courses with an ESC, EVR, MET, GEA or GEO prefix offered online,  or may choose untaken Restricted Electives.

Course # Course Name Credits
GEA 2000 World Geography 3
GEO 2200C Introduction to Physical Geography 3
MET 2010 Weather and Climate 3
ESC 3704 Environmental Issues in Atmospheric and Earth Science 3