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Minor in Hospitality Management:

The Hospitality Management minor is offered through the Hospitality & Tourism Management Program in the Department of Marketing. The minor is designed for both business and non-business majors. Graduates with minors in hospitality management have successfully entered a host of positions including, but not limited to: hotel & resort operations, hospitality marketing/digital marketing, revenue management, finance and asset management, commercial recreation/ecotourism/adventure travel, spa management, casino gaming, hospitality & tourism law, real estate development, theme park management, cruise line operations, restaurants/catering, and many others.

The Hospitality Management minor is available in a streamlined version for students enrolled in the Online BBA degree. For those in the Online BBA, the minor consists of just 3 courses. Other courses may also be available from time to time and can be used towards the minor. Students receiving a minor in hospitality management will receive basic core knowledge in the discipline applicable to a number of settings.

Core Courses: 9 credits
Take all of the following:

Course # Course Title Credits
HFT 3003 Introduction to Hospitality Management 3
HFT 4240 Excellence in Guest Service Management 3
HFT 3741 Meetings & Events Management 3

One of the courses for the minor will be offered each semester in OBBA so that you can proceed easily through the minor.
In addition to these 3 courses, candidates for the minor must document 500 work hours in a job in the hospitality industry any time from senior year in high school to the present.