What is your name and degree program?

My name is Craig Ries. I’m a senior here at FAU, and my major is Public Safety Administration with a concentration in Disaster Management.

Where do you work?

I am a work study here in the Military and Veterans Student Success Center. And here at the office, we help veterans using the post-9/11 or other military education benefits, and we just help them process the paperwork along with providing them a place to kick back in between classes, grab a soda, watch a movie, and just all around relax.

How are online classes making it possible for you to keep working towards your degree?

I’ve been doing it for about a year. Currently, I’m taking an ethics class through my major. And what I really love about taking the online courses is the flexibility. If I have plans one day or one night, I can just schedule to do the classwork the next day. Or if I have an appointment or something is a little more time-sensitive or just takes more time, I can adjust my schedule at home all while being one room away from my daughter.

What advice do you have for future Owls considering online classes at FAU?

Time management. The online curriculum and the setup is really great, but you still– they’re not going to hold your hand. So, it has that flexibility for you to say, oh, I don’t want to do it today, I’m going to do it tomorrow. But you need to make sure and do it tomorrow.