What is your name and degree program?

My name is Sergile Sincere. I’m getting my master’s in Health Administration, keeping my degree uniform. I received my bachelor’s in Health Administration.

When did you start taking classes fully online?

Originally, in my bachelor’s, we had to take a couple classes online.

What’s the best part of taking classes online?

The best part about taking classes online is the flexibility of being able to work full-time and also go to class. For me, myself, I have a full-time job as a hospital administrator and being able to go to work, take care of my initiatives and objectives and still complete my schooling online. It helps out a lot.

And why did you decide to become an owl?

Well, I decided to become an Owl because I was recruited here to play as a student-athlete. Like I said, I played here from 2003 to 2007. My senior year, we were bowl champions. I played football here and I’m glad to be back.

Did you have an opportunity to take advantage of any of our student services?

Yes, the student services, the assistance that they provided not only for us, the student-athletes, but the student body in general, was tremendous. We were able to utilize in study hall, different tutors, different writing labs, that provided us assistance with classes that were challenging.