What is your name and degree program?

My name is Summer Cunningham. I took the Legal Nurse Consulting Program.

How did you find the certificate program?

I did a little research online. There were several programs out there. And I knew of students who went to FAU and know current students. So, I spoke to them and said there’s this course I’m interested in. Can you tell me a little about the school? There were rave reviews. So that’s how I made my choice.

How has receiving the certificate impacted your professional life?

Once I completed the certificate program, I found a job based on that program. I went from a hospital, being an RN in a hospital setting, to now I work for a law firm as a registered nurse paralegal.

How do you find your online experience with professors at FAU?

Phenomenal. I had Dr. Jennifer Johnson as my instructor. She was phenomenal. She is an RN, who was teaching the class. So what she did is she actually took her nursing knowledge and tied it into the legal side, so that it was something that it related to.

And she just made it very easy to learn and made me want to learn more. She is part of the reason I feel that I was able to get this job, because of the way that she taught that class. She made it very comfortable.