Teaching Online Orientation


This fully-online course covers the basic information needed to teach online. ADA compliant syllabus templates, quality reviewed course templates, rubrics, student success tips, Canvas grade book instruction, and resources for finding course design help are featured. This Canvas-based course can be completed in approximately 4 hours. Stipend available for eligible faculty– $100.
1. Getting Started
2. Learning the LMS
3. Online Course Design & Pedagogy
4. Innovation
5. Policies and Practices
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Flex/Online Teaching Orientation


This self-paced fully-online course covers the basic information needed to teach a flexible or blended online course. Included in this faculty training are tips for live class facilitation, communicating with students in a remote format, using the Canvas grade book for assignments, and tips/strategies for effective facilitation of flexible learning experiences. This Canvas-based course can be completed in approximately 4 hours…
Topics covered:
  • Teaching a Flexible Course Overview and Resources
  • Maximizing Canvas for Flexible Teaching and Learning
  • Flexible Pedagogy, Designing Activities and Assessments for a Flexible Course
  • Facilitating Live Remote Course Sessions and Recording Lectures
  • Setting Expectations, Creating a Communication Plan, and Launching your Flexible Course
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Teaching Online: Pedagogy and Practice


The 8 week eCertification workshop is structured so that the faculty member is building an online course (or revising an existing one) as they move through the different units. This workshop is focused on best practices in course design and facilitation. Please note, although the courses will be built in Canvas, this is not a training on how to use Canvas.

  • Each unit includes a milestone to complete before moving forward.
  • There is one written reflection and a practical application milestone per badge.
  • The assessments/milestones are activities that are part of the course building processes (i.e., creating unit objectives, constructing a course blueprint, creating active learning content, creating a teacher presence plan, etc.).
  • The time commitment will be anywhere from 2-4 hours per week depending on the level of previous experience with online learning.
  • Completion of each milestone earns a badge.
  • Collecting all badges earns eLearning Designer/Facilitator certification.
  • Successful completion of all the badges earns a $500 stipend.

The workshop can be done fully online or hybrid and is self-paced though we do encourage people to try to set a time frame of 8 weeks. You will be supported by the Center for eLearning instructional design team as you move through the workshop. To take part in this workshop please fill out the form linked below.

eCertification Workshop Request Form

Professional Development

Center for eLearning Professional Development Workshops

All offered fully online with a flexible schedule. Certificates and digital badges offered for successful completion. Some faculty stipends may apply.

  • eCertification-Online course design and facilitation
  • New Faculty Orientation
  • Online course facilitation basics
  • FERPA training
  • Accessibility in Online Courses
  • Virtual Community of Practice Facilitation
  • Virtual Community of Practice GA support
  • Graduate Assistant Training for Online Faculty Support
  • Student assistant training and community of practice
  • Coming soon: Copyright in Online Courses

Our Community of Practice website was created to help bring together our faculty in an online environment. This website provides video tutorials, articles, blogs, and research to help on your journey with teaching a course in an online environment.

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