Migrating to fully online programs


Online Program Support

The Center for Online and Continuing Education supports the development of fully online programs from exploration through implementation and offers a wide variety of services in support of online programs.

The FAU Online website lists all fully online Undergraduate and Graduate degree programs and certificates as well as partially online programs offered at FAU. A fully online program is one in which 100% of required courses and sufficient number of elective courses are offered in a fully online format,  enabling students in the program to meet degree requirements without coming to campus. A partially online program is defined as having more than 50% of the courses required to earn a degree in the program available in a fully online format.

If your department is considering offering a program or certificate online, or already has a program that is fully or partially online and is not yet listed on the FAU Online website, please contact us by clicking on the link below and filling out the “Request for Information“ form, and someone from the Center for Online and Continuing Education will contact you, explain the Program Migration process, and send you the forms to begin that process.

To comply with the NC-SARA agreement, FAU has agreed to notify students when the programs offered online do not meet state licensure requirements. All degrees must be evaluated through the program migration process before launch as a 100% online to ensure no licensure issues are associated with the courses, certificate, or degree programs.

Please fill out the “Request for Information” form

The Center for Online and Continuing Education requests approvals from the program’s college dean, and department chair/program director to have the program listed. Once approvals have been received, the Center for Online and Continuing Education (COCE) will work with the department to develop the content for the FAU Online Listing.