Would you like to receive national recognition for the quality of your online course?

The Center for eLearning (CeL) wants to help you get it! We are proud to offer the nationally acclaimed Quality Matters (QM) program at FAU. This is your chance to earn the coveted QM quality seal and gain recognition for your hard work and quality results!

WHAT is quality matters?

QM is a highly regarded program that encourages and recognizes quality online course design. Courses are externally peer-reviewed based on the QM rubric.

Current QM recognized courses at FAU

WHY obtain a QM seal for your course?

We want to spotlight your success at the national level. Participants will receive:

  • constructive feedback from outside peer reviewers who have been trained by QM to strengthen your course design and content,
  • the benefit of CeL covering the QM review cost for each course, and
  • recognition for the quality of their course design on both the QM and CeL websites once you have successfully completed the program.

CeL supports improving online course design at FAU and assisting participants in strengthening their course content and design skills.

Please watch this video about the experiences instructors at Chemeketa Community College had during their QM review process.

WHO is eligible?

Eligible participants will either have:

  • completed eCertification or eDesign and taught the developed course at least one time, or
  • developed an online course, taught it a minimum of 2 times, and be willing to work with a CeL instructional designer to incorporate CeL peer review guidelines in the course.

Proposals will be reviewed and prioritized based on:

  1. consistency of high enrollment demand for the last three years,
  2. strategic need in eLearning degree program planning,
  3. contribution to an existing eLearning plan within your college/school/department, and
  4. level of readiness for final submission.
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Quality Matters Proposal Form

Meet our Quality Matters All-Star team!

This team of faculty have successfully received recognition for their online course by participating in a rigorous Quality Matter peer-review process.

Sigal Altman CCJ 2002 Law, Crime, and the Criminal Justice System
Cassandra Atkin-Plunk CJC 4310 Corrections
Randy Atlas ARC 4384 Designing Safer Communities with CPTED
Traci Baxley EDF 6637 Race, Class and Gender in Education
Debbie Beaudry EDG 6224 U.S. Curricular Trends & Issues
Jennifer Bird LAE 4360 Language Arts Middle and Secondary
Geraldine Blattner FRE 1120 Beginner French language and culture
Geraldine Blattner FRE 2221 Intermediate French 2
Cynthia Cindy Blum NUR 3115 Foundations of Caring in Nursing Situations
Susan Love Brown ANT 4315 African American Anthropology
Susannah Brown ARE 4313 ART: Elementary School
Leslie Calhoun RED 4552 Reading Diagnosis & Remediation
Mary Cameron ANT 4302 Gender and Culture
Mihaela Cardei COT 4400 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Joseph Compomizzi GEB 6217 Communication Skills for Bus
Robert Cooper STA 4821 Stochastic Models for Computer Science
Sharon Darling EDG 4419 Building Classroom Discipline and Management
Frank De La Torre CJJ 4934 Capital Punishment
Frank De La Torre CCJ 4934 Immigration  the CJS
John Derby CCJ 4054 Ethics in the justice system
Adam Dobrin CJJ 4010 Juvenile Justice Administration
Peggy Goldstein EEX 5015 Survey and Assessment in Early Childhood Special Education
Roger Goldstein MAC 2233 Methods of Calculus
Rhonda Goodman NGR 6002 Advanced Health Assessment
Rhonda Goodman NGR 6611 Advanced Nursing Situations: Care of the Family Across the Lifespan
John Hardman EDS 6050 Instructional Leadership 1
Tobin Hindle GEA 6277 Human-Environmental Interactions
Chiang-Sheng (Derrick) Huang ISM  6508 Web-Based Business Development
Chiang-Sheng (Derrick) Huang ISM 6026 Management of Information Systems and Technology
Chiang-Sheng (Derrick) Huang ISM 6508 Web-Based Business Development
Chun-Jung (Phil) Huang PET 3361 Nutrition in Health and Exercise
Chun-Jung (Phil) Huang PET 4263 Obesity: Biological, Psychological, & Cultural Factors
Carol Hutton HSA 6930 Global Issues in Health Care Delivery
Ricky Langlois CJE 4352 Policing in America
Ricky Langlois CCJ 4450 Criminal Justice Management
Ricky Langlois CCJ 4644 White Collar Crime
Ricky Langlois DSC 4012 Terrorism
Philomena Marinaccio RED 6351 Developmental Reading
Oge Marques COP 3813 Introduction to Internet Computing
Oge Marques COP 4814 Introduction to Internet Computing
Leigh McFarland PAD 4202 Funding for Nonprofit Organizations
Daniel Meeroff EGN 2095 Engineering Chemistry
Michelle Migdal GEB  6217 Communication Skills For Business Professionals
Diana Mitsova-Boneva URP 4403 Sustainable Cities
Diana Mitsova-Boneva URP 6406 Sustainable Cities
Lynne Palma NUR 3145 Pharmacotherapeutics
Lynne Palma NGR 6172 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics
Melissa Parks EDG 6628 Documentation and Assessment in Curriculum and Instruction
Jennifer Peck CCJ 3014 Criminology
Daniela Popova MAC 2281 Calculus for Engineers I
Todd Price EME 2040 Introduction to Technology for Educators
James Riordan SPB 6815 Managing the Sport Enterprise
Louisa Rogers ACG 6376 Writing for Forensic Accountants
Louisa Rogers ACG 6935 Writing for Business Valuators
Tara Root GEO 4280 Water Resources
Sigal Rubin CCJ 4670 Women and Criminal Justice
Nancy Shehadeh HSA 6103 Introduction to Healthcare Delivery Systems
Nancy Shehadeh HSA 4124 International Health Systems
Allen Smith MAR 3326 Principles of Advertising
Allen Smith MAR 6815 Advanced Marketing Management
Tami Sorgente COP  4610 Computer Operating Systems
Michelle Vaughan EDF 6918 Action Research in Schools and Communities
Kalisha Waldon EDG 5705 Multicultural Education
Kalisha Waldon EDF 6887 Foundations of Multicultural Curriculum
Graeme Warren MAN 3506 Operations Management
Joy Woodworth COP 2220 Introduction to Programming in C