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Enhance learning through educational research.  Our partially online master’s degree in Educational Psychology prepares you to apply psychology in educational settings and conduct research in education.  A versatile degree for all educators, including teachers, administrators or educational researchers, our program enables you to examine learning, motivation and human development.


Core Courses:
Department of Teaching and Learning: 21 credits
Take all of the following:

Course # Course Title Credits
EDF 6229 Educational Psychology 3
EDF 6142 Thinking Processes and Styles in the Classroom 3
EDF 6113 Human Development: Applications for Education 3
EDF 6339 Concepts of Self 3
EDG 6345 Instructional Strategies and Assessment Practices 3
EDF 6944 Field Project in Educational Psychology* 3


Choose one of the following:

EDF 6126 Child Development in Educational Psychology*, or 3
EDF 6138 Adolescence and Young Adulthood in Educational Psychology* 3


Department of Educational Leadership: 6 credits
Take both of the following:

Course # Course Title Credits
STA 6113 Educational Statistics (should be taken prior to or concurrently with EDF 6481) 3
EDF 6481 Educational Research (prerequisite or co-requisite: STA 6113) 3


Approved Elective Courses: 9 credits
Choose three of the following:

Course # Course Title Credits
DEP 6098 Seminar in Personality and Social Development* 3
EDA 6415 Introduction to Qualitative Inquiry* 3
EDE 6205 Curriculum: Elementary School 3
EDM 6235 Middle School Curriculum 3
ESE 6215 Senior High School Curriculum 3
EXE 6609 Seminar in Cognition* 3
EDF 6905 Directed Independent Study 3
EDF 6971 Master’s Thesis 3


Other electives approved by assigned faculty advisor.
* Course not available online.

Sample Careers:                                               

  • University Settings: Professor (Requires a Doctoral Degree)
  • State/Community Colleges: Instruction
  • Consulting/Research & Evaluation: School Districts, Research Agencies, Industry, Military
  • Teaching (Requires certification separate from this degree)
  • Business: Training & Staff Development

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Degree Details
College College of Education
Degree type M. Ed.
*Cost per credit
- In State (FL) $369.82
- Out of State (FL) $1,024.81
Credits needed to graduate 36
* cost per credit and total cost are calculated using tuition per credit and associated fees for the current academic year. It does not include course materials, textbook expenses, and other potential expenses related to individual courses. See academic calendar for our quarter term schedule.
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