SURF projects are ten-week, intensive summer immersion research experiences for FAU undergraduate students who are mentored by an FAU faculty member.  Either the faculty or student can initiate the team partnership, but the application must be submitted by the faculty member.  Each project is peer-reviewed and reviewers will base their decisions on the quality of the project, feasibility of the timeline, strength of the faculty/student team, and potential student benefits.  Each SURF award allocates $4,000 in support, and these funds will primarily be used to provide wages to the student researcher during the summer, with some funding for research related supplies/materials and for the faculty mentor.

As part of the fellowship, the undergraduate student is expected to attend SURF meetings and workshops, provide updates on the progression of their project, present at OURI’s Annual Summer retreat in August, present at an FAU showcase prior to graduation (i.e., OURI’s annual undergraduate research symposium), present at an external symposium/conference, reference the grant in all future presentations and/or publications resulting from this work, submit a manuscript to the FAURJ, and help with other OURI presentations throughout the following fall and/or spring semesters.  The annual SURF application deadline is January 15th.

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI) would like to thank all past and present SURF Faculty and Fellows for their support and participation in the program.  For more information, please visit the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship page or email