Distance Learning Student Privacy Policy

  1. All state and federal laws and regulations and FAU regulations and policies concerning the privacy of student records (collectively, “Privacy Authorities”) shall apply with equal force and effect to distance learning student records.  
  2. Access to distance learning courses and live or recorded webcasts shall only be granted via secure password to properly enrolled students.  
  3. All websites that collect personally identifiable information from distance learning students must be secured encrypted websites. 
  4. Distance learning students should not be asked or required to disclose passwords to their FAU Net ID or other accounts.  FAU will never request distance learning students to provide passwords to verify passwords electronically or through other websites.  If a distance learning student receives such a request, DO NOT RESPOND OR CLICK ON A HYPERLINK and please report such to FAU’s Office of Information Technology. 
  5. Social security numbers should not be transmitted via email and should only be collected from distance learning students and used by FAU as permitted by law and as set forth in the University’s Collection & Usage notice. 
  6. Recorded materials involving distance learning students should be securely maintained and may only be used or disclosed in accordance with the Privacy Authorities.